The Cat Word theorem was created by Shneed Vladmir Olcove Elmou (see Shneed Vladmir Olcove Elmou) and his associate Joe
Cat word

The Cat word theorem (simplified)

Bond as a use of communication. Shneed Elmou was quoted to have said after the discovery "All you need is a cat and some kind of razor " Joe Bond replied " You Tube ! ". The duo was later acclaimed to have creating the lovable song game. A slightly less productive project ...

Joe Bond and the Big haired menaceEdit

Joe (Little sister Joe) Bond spent lots of his time making presentations and being a nun before becoming partn
Joe bond

Joe Bond (what a poser)

ers with Shneed Elmou. He is said to be invincible, he claims it is due to his "healthy orange glow".Since 2000 he has been bothered by an annoying lump of hair attached to an xbox called The Big haired menace. This is due to the fact that it has big hair and it is a menace to all of society. The Big haired menace influenced Joe to invent, along with associate and accuantince the Cat Word theorem. This alowed people to communicate with "tubes" like the menace without them going bizzurk and throwing baggage at you. This was a relatively good idea until the Menace began to produce a green liquid which was eventually his own downfall. Today Joe Bond is out fighting crime, singing songs and scaring people by doing his afamed elephant impression.

Explaining the theoremEdit

Here's the basic formula :

Com.=C squared+5 "the word".

For those who are confused I will explain; Communicating is made possible by the amount of Cats times by itself plus the word of choice shaved in to the cat times 5. e.g. To communicate 3 cats times 3 makes 9 plus the word dog times 5 would equal dog 45. Dog 45 would then be 4 plus 15 plus 7 plus square root of 45 (6.708) which equals 32.708 . The cat would then have to be 32.708 cm in length and 10cm in diameter.

I hope thats cleared it up.

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